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About The Crossover Jam

The Crossover Jam is a New Year’s Eve Celebration and the official countdown to a New Year in Abuja hosted by Theo Godson Company.

The Crossover Jam is a night of festivities featuring different entertainers, fireworks, wishing lanterns, glow props & neon paints, confetti, balloons and so many more lined up activities geared at making the night a memorable one.

The Crossover Jam is not just an event, it is one night in the year that Nigerians put aside their cultural & religious differences, barriers and segregation to come together to celebrate life, share memories from the passing year, create new ones, build hopes and dreams and most importantly appreciate God as a nation.

Tagline: One Night, One God, One Nation.

The Crossover Jam is set to be a national tradition and an annual marker, a night where all Nigerians celebrate as on Nation.