Growing Your Business Through Animation

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Animation has gone beyond being just cartoons for kids’ entertainment. Over the years, the industry has blossomed and evolved into a major block for marketing, advertising and as an end product for business growth. In our society today, its influences have spread to every field and sphere of life. From medicine, to education, to Architecture and interior designing- and these are just a few.

Globally, its relevance is being taken seriously and  according to UK’s Three Motion Media, between 2012 and 2013, the industry saw a 40% increase in businesses using animation. And in more recent times, the figures have immensely increased.

Businesses thrive on the power of their brands, and unique concepts that can be created to appeal to their customers and consumers and get them the desired traffic. And we have seen ideas like endorsing celebrities and icons as a means to proliferate the minds of the public. But when it comes to lasting impressions and using distinct characters, animation will always top the list.

Animation is a limitless industry that thrives on imaginations. There are no restrictions to the angles that can be explored and the ideas that can be created. And this opens up a window space to very catchy and enthralling content- and this is what smart advertising agencies have constantly tapped into. Using human characters, several factors usually hinder creativity, and leave the audience feeling that the content is only cliché and perhaps mundane.

So every serious business owner, who has a desire to be different from the norm has to see animation as a means to achieving their dreams (which is usually to be very successful). Finally, the world is constantly mutating, and the competition line is quite narrow, and only the smart will make the mark!


Theo Godson Company Limited can create those ideas in your head, with quality animation content that will sell the authentic concept and theme of your business, thereby boosting your brands awareness in the best of ways.

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