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Logo Design

Logo designs never felt better, now you can have a feel of your idea in your logos, at Theo Godson Company this is what we are about. We place in your hands the power to be in charge of your ideas, and to communicate it effectively to your audience, through state-of-the-art logo designs.

Brand Packaging

At Theo Godson Company Limited, we believe in giving you the perfect representation of what your brand should look like, and we achieve this through a team that makes it a priority to be elaborate and at the same time extremely detailed, carving out superb designs that relay the very identity, ideals and philosophy of your brand.

Magazine Design

We have exciting packages for magazine designs, with a serious attention to details, even to the last piece of information.

Creative Design

We bring to you a platform to immense creativity, with designs that go the extra mile, we believe through creativity, imaginations can come alive.

Animated Adverts

Animation has become a thriving way to illustrate your ads efficiently, as it gives you the freedom to create, and places in your hand a wide space to explore. At Theo Godson Company, we bring quality animation ads your way, with the right content and illustrations.

Mobile App & Software Development

Develop mobile apps for mobile devices, with the best implementation, and top notch innovative ideas, to give your mobile apps and software designs the perfect feel it deserves.

Web Design & Development

We cook websites like it’s a meal, with all the right ingredients in terms of experience and technique. Whatever you have in mind for your website, we have the strength to bring it all to life.

3D Visualization

With 3D visualization, your projects can now feel smarter, your structures and designs can come alive through our 3D representations.

Brand Management

Promote your brand, business and events through our brand management service. We do the work, handling your products and services, and bringing the results your way.

Advertising & Marketing

We help you market your brands, products and services on the social media, with a team committed to getting you your right audience.

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