41 Naija

An Entertainment Company

41Naija Entertainment is a talent and event management company. They create and development Showbiz concepts and contents.  They build from the scratch, and promote innovations through the use of the media.

Abuja Facts

An Online Marketing Company

Abuja Facts is an online marketing platform that centres on business adverts, media visibilty and social media trends. It also covers Abuja based events, politics and entertainment as well as national facts.


A Non Governmental Organization

FundElg Africa® is an organization with focus on national transformation through social change, values re-orientation and trans-generational influence in order to help create a healthy social structure, sustainable economic development and positively productive leadership in Nigeria.

Senema Productions

A Media Marketing Agency

Senema Productions is an independent media consultancy firm with added services of advertising, public relations, television and radio productions, media marketing and capacity building.


An Entertainment House

Sky Bound Media is an entertainment house that is dedicated to producing top notch entertainment, from music recordings to music video productions, short films and feature films. We also provide high-end production equipments to ensure the best production quality. Every great story must be told in beautiful pictures, capturing the right moments and providing a life time experience for the audience.